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Scorpio Horoscope: October 2014

Free your mind, the rest will follow

This will be a pivotal month for you in many ways. Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on October 4, and by October 10 he will backtrack into the area of your chart that rules privacy, secrets and anxieties.

Until Mercury turns direct on October 25, you might spend a great deal of time going within in order to edit (or in some cases delete) any mindset you carry that's unhealthy. This perspective (and it can be on absolutely anything) will likely connect to a memory from your past that affected you in far-reaching ways. Now, you'll have an opportunity to free yourself from the constraints this past experience put upon you once and for all.

The news is promising for a fresh start, especially after the Solar Eclipse in your sign on October 23. Coupled with Venus moving into your sign on this day, too, it's likely you'll be ready to launch something new connected to your identity, a relationship and/or how you earn money. Reveal your talents without hesitation, and be sure to go after what you want in love. If single, October 27- 28 are brilliant days for new romance. If you're already attached, they'll still sparkle -- and you'll know you've got a true spiritual connection with your lover.

After October 26, the courage behind your words will be incredible. Not only will Mercury be direct, but your co-ruler Mars will enter your communication sector. Blaze new trails when it comes to expressing yourself. You will be heard.