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Scorpio Career Horoscope for October 2014

Go behind the scenes

The first three weeks of October are very different than the last one this year. That's because the Sun is in Libra and your 12th House of Obscurity until October 23. You might feel invisible or overlooked, especially if you're seeking attention. Yet this period is better for working behind the scenes than standing in the spotlight. Finishing tasks and tying up loose ends are positive activities during this period. Providing quiet support for others is another way to use this relatively obscure time to your professional advantage.

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Another factor is Mercury Retrograde from October 4-25, when misinterpreting information and being snagged by minor details are more common. To avoid frustration, be extra careful in communication and managing minor matters.

Happily, the tide turns in your favor when the Sun enters your passionate sign and your impressive 1st House of Personality on October 23. You even get an extra boost of energy with the New Moon in your sign later that day. This offers you a double-dose of initiative that's sweetened when alluring Venus enters Scorpio that day, and joins the Sun two days later. Self-acceptance and appreciation for your untapped abilities makes you more valuable to others. But if you lack the skills to advance your career, this alignment could lure you into investing the resources needed to develop them.

Assertive Mars enters the picture on October 26, when it moves into competent and ambitious Capricorn. Putting ideas, information and your thinking in order are called for with this transit of your data driven 3rd House of Information.

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