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Scorpio Love Horoscope for October 2014

Change your mindset

Expect to feel a stronger urge this month to be alone with your thoughts -- especially those concerning relationship. Mercury will be retrograde from October 4-25, and after October 10 it'll backtrack into your 12th House of Privacy. This will prompt you to reconsider all of those ideas you have about love that might actually lead to sabotaging your relationships rather than support them.

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Honor the opportunity to revise any thought patterns that might be unhealthy now. If you feel it would help, seek the guidance of a counselor to help you sort through any of the muddle. Don't avoid making changes to your mindset, because this will help you make the most of the powerful and positive changes that are coming your way by October 23.

At this time, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your sign, along with Venus moving into Scorpio on the very same day! Venus is the planet of love, and when she's in your sign you feel more confident and alluring -- qualities that are sure to help you attract new love or enhance your current relationship. Combined with the Solar Eclipse, this suggests a potent fresh start in both your identity and partnership. Make it count!

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