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Taurus Love Horoscope for October 2014

Go solo

If you're single, you may decide you're perfectly happy going solo these days -- especially if no one out there is meeting your gold standard for partnership potential. If so, be proud of yourself for not wanting to compromise who and what you are for the sake of having someone to call yours.

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You'll continue to move through a vital, life-changing shift in relationships, thanks to Saturn touring your partnership sector. Saturn can deliver harsh lessons and delays in the area of your chart he visits. Since October 2012, these lessons had everything to do with relationships, and defining what you truly require in a committed partnership in order to feel secure and fulfilled.

But it hasn't always been easy. Single Taureans might have gone through cycles of desperation at times, convincing yourself that you'll never be in another relationship again. This is nonsense, of course, but when you're isolated and lonely it's easy to take your mind to extremes.
This month, however, you might realize that you're finally at peace with where you are in your solo status. And guess what? That's when the magic really happens.

Opportunity for a new start in relationships is strong after October 23, when your ruler, Venus, and a Solar Eclipse simultaneously hit your partnership sector. If you're attached, there is significant harmony potential for you and your mate to help improve an already good connection. If single, movement is possible, and you could meet someone through work or in a health-related situation (the gym, a doctor's visit, etc.). But again, the key here is that you're in a place of no longer "needing" a relationship to feel whole. Congratulations!

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