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Virgo Love Horoscope for October 2014

Heal your heart

This month might lead to a pivotal turning point for you in matters of the heart.

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First, on October 8, a Lunar Eclipse will illuminate any vulnerability you have when it comes to surrendering to intimacy. If you're holding back physically or emotionally in any capacity, you'll have an ability to let go of these issues that are stopping you from experiencing the full range of love your partner has to offer. If single, you may experience an epiphany that leads you to seek out what you might have spent so much time avoiding in the past -- a real transcendental love experience!

Although this sounds beautiful, getting to that point won't be easy-breezy. It'll require you to examine deep and often painful wounds that got you so closed off in the first place. The good news? With conscious effort you'll be able to heal from them once and for all.

After October 26, you'll have no shortage of opportunity to live life and love to the fullest! Mars will enter your romance sector, where he'll remain until December 4. Expect a boost in your sex drive, and opportunities to experience the pleasures of life with someone special.

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