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Aquarius Horoscope: October 2015

Lessons re-learned

If you're involved in any legal situation and have experienced nothing but headaches, delays, and frustration concerning your court case, you can expect relief after October 9. Another possibility is that you're enrolled in a certification program or have been studying for an advanced degree. Since mid-September you might have experienced trouble grasping key material and you might have decided to retake a course or hire a tutor. Now, you'll see that it was all worth it. In fact, after October 12 you might begin a new course of study that is only possible because you took the time to master the topic you recently spent time reviewing.

Financial matters continue to look bright for you this month -- particularly as they relate to money that comes to you from sources other than your direct paycheck. Between October 8 and November 8, you'll be in an auspicious cycle to make a new investment or other financial move that can pay off quite well. Venus and Jupiter will both work on your behalf during this time to make magic happen -- especially on October 25! Then, on the 27th, with the Full Moon happening in your 4th House of Family, you might hear emotionally-charged news from a relative. Expect it to be positive.

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