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Cancer Horoscope: October 2015

A turn for the better

Perhaps a sibling has been going through a rough patch recently. If so, you're likely to have noticed a shift in his or her luck since mid-August -- much to your relief. And this month -- especially after October 8 -- you might hear even more positive news. You may also feel ready to begin that writing assignment you've had swirling in the back of your mind. Go for it! A short trip that you take any time after October 9 will bring you great joy. Consider scheduling at least one long weekend getaway this month.

The weekend of October 23 will be ideal -- especially if you can take your sweetheart with you! Before you embark on any road trip, you might be in the market for a new set of wheels. There's brilliant support for you to purchase or lease a new car after October 11. The only day you have to avoid signing contracts, buying, or selling will be October 16, when you might lose your negotiating edge.

In other news, clarity about which way to go in a family decision will come your way after October 9, but you might still have a hard time convincing your partner that your idea is the best one. Your social life might be quite fulfilling near October 27. Plan to be out and about.

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