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Gemini Horoscope: October 2015

You'll see progress in a domestic matter this month -- especially if it connects to a real estate transaction or other financial development that affects your family. Expect news near October 11, 15, and 23 to be especially supportive in this area.

With your ruling planet, Mercury, turning direct on October 9, you'll slowly feel as if you have your wits about you again. This will be especially true as it relates to communicating with a sweetheart or one of your children, or, with a creative project you recently felt blocked on.

Are you single? Be prepared to spend more time socializing after October 12 if you're looking for love. A New Moon in your 5th House of Romance may provide a gorgeous cosmic boost to your love life. If you need extra time alone to nurture your spirit, be sure to take that "time out" near October 27. You'll feel recharged afterward. Another possibility is that you'll finish up a major project that you've been working on behind the scenes. If you've been worrying too much about reaching the finish line with this endeavor, take a step back and gently remind yourself to enjoy the process.

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