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Leo Horoscope: October 2015

All about the Benjamins

This month you can anticipate juicy developments in the money department. Everything ramps up after October 8 when Venus enters your 2nd House of Income. Until November 8, both of the lucky planets -- Venus and Jupiter -- will be in this part of your chart together. As a result, you'll have the planet of money working overtime to help you monetize whatever talents you hope to. Consider all avenues that may lead to your enhanced earning potential, since there are likely to be plenty at your disposal now.

Pay special attention to October 11, 23, and 25 for extra special financial news. Contracts and communications might be messy early in the month, so remember to ask plenty of questions and not make a major financial (or other) decision until Mercury turns direct on October 9. After the 12th however, it looks like you'll have at least one significant writing, sales, or other communications-related opportunity. Work it!

A Full Moon on October 27 may lead to a career pinnacle. You'll certainly be in the spotlight, one way or another. You might also hear news about one of your siblings this month. He or she might have appeared confused about a major decision but somehow, in October, everything will finally gel. Your brother or sister will be ready to move forward in a positive new direction.

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