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Taurus Horoscope: October 2015

A cherry on top

A work project with incredible potential really takes off after October 12, so don't allow any of the delays, miscommunication, or frustration aggravate you too much early this month. In fact, see it as a blessing in disguise. There's likely to be something connected to this assignment that needs to be reworked before it can truly shine. You'll figure out exactly what this is and take steps to rectify the situation. While all of this his happening, try not to engage in any office gossip with colleagues. It'll be all too easy to witness misunderstandings and finger pointing between coworkers in early October. Steer clear!

Love, in the meantime, continues to be one of the most significant developments for you these days. In October you will feel freer to pursue whatever romantic opportunities have come up. Pay attention to what happens between October 8 and November 8, since you'll surely have something to swoon over. October 23 and 25 are absolutely delicious for you in matters of the heart, since Venus will embrace Jupiter and Pluto on those days. Then a Full Moon in your sign on October 27 is the icing on the cake when it comes to personal emotional fulfillment. You've waited so long for love to arrive Taurus and now, it's your time to cherish the goodness.

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