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Virgo Horoscope: October 2015

Your stars are shining

With your ruling planet, Mercury, regulating his orbit on October 9, you might feel a greater sense of clarity about budgeting decisions. Go ahead and implement any new ones after October 12. In addition to this, get ready to feel more beautiful than you have in quite some time! Venus enters your sign on October 8, and until November 8 you'll possess the kind of allure that few can resist. Use your charms to help make romantic magic happen. Expect delicious results near October 11, 23, and 25. Yum!

Don't discount the power of having Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in your sign for most of the month, along with your ruler turning direct. Everything in your life will seem to pick up and begin to move forward precisely in the direction you want it to. Mars will help you strategize and courageously execute any plan you have, whether it's related to your personal or professional life. Extra high-octane days for you will happen on October 15 and 17, when Mars is at a brilliant angle to Pluto and then connects to expansive Jupiter. These will also be ultra-sexy days for you and your lover -- so make time to enjoy that dimension of your life to the max!

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