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October 2016 Horoscope

You can move mountains

If you're starting the month trying to make any type of negotiation or partnership deal, do your best to seal things up near October 11 when Mercury and Jupiter align in relationship-oriented Libra. This will also be an ideal time for any type of conversation that requires diplomacy and tact.

A Full Moon on October 16 will fall in Aries and will closely link to Uranus. As a result, you might be completely aware of where you need to break free and be different in order to remain true to yourself. Although your awakening might be jarring to some, it won't matter -- it's all about authenticity. You'll certainly be keeping it real.

Mars and Pluto collide in Capricorn on October 19, making it a powerful day in business matters. You can move mountains on this day, but you can also burn bridges if you're not careful. Proceed with caution and recognize your strength.

On October 30 a beautiful New Moon in Scorpio will help support your intuitive side. Trust your gut instincts in business and personal matters. You won't be wrong.

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