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Aquarius Horoscope: October 2016

Words of wisdom

If you think October will be a quiet month, think again. While you might be working furiously behind the scenes on a vital project for most of October, that doesn't mean you won't be heard. People will not see what you're doing, but they will most certainly hear what you're saying. That's because your communication sector will be lit up all year long.

On October 7, Mercury moves into your 9th House of the Higher Mind. Until October 24, you might be busy studying a new topic you've always wanted to learn about. This can be anything from philosophy or language to a metaphysical pursuit. You might even take an awe-inspiring workshop near October 11, when Jupiter and Mercury meet up in this area of your chart. Or, it's possible that you're the professor giving one. If so, your students will remember your words and wisdom forever.

Adding to this is the Full Moon on October 16 in your message sector. You might put the finishing touches on a writing project, and if so it'll be ready for publication. You might also seal a vital negotiation during this time. If you sign anything, it'll have an unexpected but positive twist. Thinking of launching a website? Aim for this time.

Finally, on October 30 a New Moon in your career sector promises a fresh start for you professionally. It'll be financially lucrative and somehow linked to that top-secret project you've been working on from behind the scenes.

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