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Aries Horoscope: October 2016

A profound awakening

This will be a pivotal month in many ways, but most certainly as it relates to your core sense of self. Expect a profound awakening as you realize that life is not about going through the motions any more. You can no longer accept living on any other terms besides the ones you design. It's time to be true to yourself, no matter how unusual or inconvenient that path might sometimes be.

On October 16, a potent Full Moon in your sign signals that it's time to become who you are meant to be -- even if that choice will take you out of your comfort zone. This realization will excite you and make you come alive in a way you might not have experienced before. What a magical awakening!

While this is happening, you'll feel blessed knowing that your closest relationships are supporting this new phase of "becoming" that you are experiencing. In fact, your lover will be ready to embrace whatever adventure you have set your sights on experiencing together, much to your delight. You'll see this for yourself once Venus moves into the area of your chart connected to new horizons on October 18.

Professionally, you have major horsepower near October 19 when Mars and Pluto join up in your career sector. You may not have patience for anyone who tries to get in the way of your ambitions. Fortunately, it doesn't look like anyone will have the nerve to try. Anything you decide is worth pursuing during this time will succeed due to your sheer determination. Yes, Aries, this month you are a sheer force to be reckoned with. Use your power well.

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