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Libra Horoscope: October 2016

Let the good times roll

Just about every aspect of your life has been looking up since last month when Jupiter entered your sign. This planet of expansion and abundance will bless you in every possible way until October of 2017! That's right -- get used to the goodness!

This month you will notice that you can convince anyone to do just about anything. Mercury enters your sign on October 7 and links up with Jupiter on the 11th. Use this window of time to seal an important deal. Collaborative projects will succeed and any contracts signed are favorable. If you have a major decision to make, it looks like you're sure to choose the wisest route.

When it comes to partnership matters, there might be a fulfilling twist near October 16 thanks to a Full Moon in your relationship sector. This Full Moon is closely linked to Uranus, the planet of sudden events. Thankfully, whatever happens between you and your mate will likely be a happy surprise. Your relationship may somehow become electrified!

You'll take charge of a domestic matter near the October 19. Even though it's not usually in your nature to wield your power, in this situation it looks as if that is exactly what must be done. You'll handle whatever you need to with authority and courage.

Finally, on October 30 a New Moon will fall in your earned income sector, opening up a flow of money-making opportunity for up to two weeks. Work it!

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