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Sagittarius Horoscope: October 2016

Simply irresistible

Your social life will delight you this month. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is blessing this area of your chart for the next year. As a result, you'll find great joy as well as opportunity in all group activities. On October 7 Mercury will join the same area of your chart, giving you even more opportunity to communicate with pals and in groups.

You might give an amazing presentation this month, and if so you can be sure that you'll inspire your audience. Aim for as close to October 11 as possible to do anything in the group communications arena, since at that time Mercury and Jupiter will link up favorably. This is also a time when you might sign a dream deal. Negotiations will go in your favor!

Romantic fulfillment is likely near October 16, and it'll arrive in an unexpected way. Be open to moving past your comfort zone in order to enjoy the most heart gratifying moments with someone close.

Venus moves into your sign on October 18, and until November 11 you'll be extra gorgeous! Your confidence will improve, and as a result others will find it impossible to resist your charm. This will be an ideal time to do something special to your physical self. A minor cosmetic procedure or even shopping for a new wardrobe will make you extra happy now.

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