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Virgo Horoscope: October 2016

Sell yourself

You'll find it easier than ever to market yourself this month, Virgo. As a result of your enhanced ability to sell your most valuable talents, it's likely that you'll end up with a profitable business arrangement anywhere between October 7-11. Another possibility is that you'll use this fortunate time range to ask your boss for a raise, or, if you're in business for yourself, to raise the rates you charge for services.

In addition to the fortunate news about your earning potential, you may also hear unexpected but favorable news near October 16 about an investment. If you have any debt, there may be a surprising way to pay it down mid-month. Brainstorm with your accountant or financial advisor and make the most of any innovative solutions to improve your economic health.

Domestic matters will thrive after October 18. You may decide to renovate your living space in some way, and if so you're likely to have expensive (and excellent) taste. There might also be wonderfully fortunate news coming your way from a relative, so keep your ears open.

One day to watch this month will be October 19. If you have any children, there might be a power play during this time. Whether it's a tantrum from a "terrible twos" moment or a teenage rebellious streak, do your best to provide firm but loving guidance to your child on this day. This is what your child will appreciate even more than getting his or her own way.

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