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October 2017 Love Horoscope

Opening yourself up

The absolute headline news this month in terms of love and relationship has to do with the planet Jupiter. After spending 13 months in partnership-oriented Libra, he will move onto the bottomless terrain of Scorpio on October 10. For the last year you've had the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with someone special in your life and learn about the true power of relating. Now, with Jupiter moving into Scorpio, it's time to take that relationship to the next level with true intimacy and intense sharing.

Think about the word intimacy. It's a word that terrifies some but excites others. We are searching for this incredible cosmic connection on some level, and on another level, we might fear it. Why? Because the prerequisite to intimacy is vulnerability, and that opens us up to the possibility of being hurt, scarred, or torn apart in the heart department. And yet, if we don't take that risk of being vulnerable, we'll never achieve the level of physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection we yearn for in a partner. So, get ready. Jupiter will expand the potential for you to achieve this very cavernous and profound connection with a lover until November 8, 2018. If you break down the word 'intimacy' you get INTO-ME-YOU-SEE. Get ready to see and be seen in the most magnificent way possible -- and to love deeper than you ever thought you could.

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