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Gemini Love Horoscope for October 2017

Putting yourself out there

Romantic possibilities are about to light up your life in the most incredible way possible, Gemini! It all begins with October 14 when Venus, the planet of love, moves into your 5th House of Pleasure, Joy, and Romance. Venus will infuse this part of your chart with amazing potential until November 7. This will be the time to get yourself out there, accepting any and all social invitations. You truly never know how and when you'll meet that one person who has the power to capture your heart and rock your world. With Venus itching to help you this month, you absolutely want to maximize her power by cooperating and making that extra effort to dress up, smile more, and strut your stuff. Adding to the bodacious energy of Venus will be a dynamic New Moon in the same part of your chart on October 19. This is a glorious time for you, Gemini, so get out there and do what you do best and communicate to the world just how fabulous you are!

Oh, and if that's not enough for you, let's talk about sex. Yes, even your sexual prospects are ramping up this month! Mars, the planet of libido and sexual energy, will also move into your romance sector after October 22. Until December 9, getting your groove on will be top priority, and getting your needs met will not take much effort at all. In fact, if your sex life has been lackluster, all of that is about to change. Even if you're partnered up this will be true, so get ready to enjoy a surge of passionate sparks with your mate. Get busy!

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