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Pisces Love Horoscope for October 2017

Perfecting your passion

Sparks are flying between you and your partner early this month, so whatever you do, don't waste them! Between October 1 and October 5, Venus and Mars -- the cosmic lovers -- will engage in a kinky embrace in your partnership sector. Adding to the sexy vibe is the fact that Pluto will also make a gorgeous link to both planets. Not only will you and your mate enjoy passion and harmony in your lovemaking, but you'll also have the kind of deep satisfaction you've both aimed to achieve thanks to Pluto. As a matter of fact, since Venus and Mars are in discerning Virgo, this could be a month for both of you to achieve perfection in your relationship standards across the board. That means, in addition to the amazing sex, you'll also feel as if your mate has gotten it together and fixed whatever little quirks have been bothering you. In turn, he or she will feel the same about you.

Another way this gorgeous energy might manifest for each of you could have to do with the fact that you have both made a concerted effort to become more health-conscious and fit. Improving your bodies and overall well-being will absolutely have a positive effect on your mutual level of attraction as well as your relationship satisfaction. The couple that exercises together stays together!

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