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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for October 2017

Re-evaluating your relationship

Matters of the heart are definitely pulling at your heart strings as the month opens up. A Full Moon in your true love sector on October 5 will demand that you remain true to yourself no matter what the consequences. Yes, even if that means you need to let go of a love affair. If a breakup is inevitable for you this month, you might feel torn about it. On one hand, you know deep in your gut that this relationship will never give you what you really want. However, to be fair, you aren't equipped to give your lover everything he or she wants either. On the other hand, it's possible that are truly attached to this person. There might not be any hate, ill will, or feelings of betrayal involved in this separation -- and that will make it harder to part ways. You do like each other, but are you really, truly in love?

Fortunately, you'll have no shortage of opportunities to meet new romantic prospects later in the month. So, once you cut ties with this person, you won't have to worry about feeling lonely. You'll have amazing opportunities to meet someone new after October 14 as you go about socializing with friends. You might even experiment with the hottest new dating app or decide to go old school and ask a pal to hook you up. The end result might be much happier than you anticipate.

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