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Aquarius Horoscope: October 2018

Rebalancing your professional power

A lesson in the correct use of power in order to get ahead professionally might be on the docket for you in October. Venus turns retrograde on October 5 at the top of your chart and remains napping until November 16. Until October 31, she'll backtrack in your career sector, forcing you to address a few uncomfortable truths about where you've been and where you're heading.

Don't panic and automatically assume that Venus Retrograde here spells misery and financial loss for you professionally. It doesn't, at least not for everyone. However, the reality with Venus Retrograde is that you're going to have to take a good, honest look at your happiness quotient when it comes to your vocational pursuits. Are you in your calling? Are you fulfilling your life purpose? If you're completely off the mark, then yes, this might be a time of misery because you'll recognize that the career situation you have found yourself in is completely untenable.

If, however, you're doing something you love and are on a career path you know is right for you, then this will be a phase where you can reassess how much value you're delivering to your company. Are you really showing higher ups what you're made of? Or, have you been slacking off? Even if you love what you do, sometimes laziness creeps in. Unfortunately, the path of least resistance often comes across to authority figures as unacceptable job performance. If this is where you're at and your boss has a conversation with you about it, don't take it personally. Step up and watch some serious magic happen for you professionally once you've completed this minor course correction.

In other news, a powerful New Moon in your 9th House of Legal Matters on October 8 might be a time where you find yourself initiating a legal proceeding using extremely strategic -- even underhanded -- tactics. Don't play dirty, Aquarius. You're better than that, so rise above the temptation.

If you're not starting any legal proceeding, then it's possible you'll be ready to go back to school to obtain a license or certification. You'll do this on the down-low for some reason. That's perfectly OK. No one needs to know your every move.

A Full Moon in your family sector on October 24 suggests a radical, unexpected change on the home front. Don't stress -- the news appears positive even if it is out of the blue.

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