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Aquarius Love Horoscope for October 2018

A scandalous experience

It's quite possible that you'll find yourself in a salacious situation this month concerning your love life. Whether it's an outright affair, a dangerous office romance, or anything else, there is the potential for your reputation to be damaged -- or at least for someone to try to damage it -- if you're not careful. With Venus turning retrograde in your 10th House of Profession and Status on October 5 in mysterious Scorpio, the darker side of romantic problems are about to come out. In your case, they'll somehow tie into your professional life or your reputation. Maybe your partner is going through something difficult and your choice to stand by him or her will come at a personal cost to you. If so, your commitment to the love you share will be admirable and your partner will not soon forget your loyalty.

If you've found yourself in a compromising position at the office where a higher up has crossed a line and sexually harassed you, it's possible that you'll have more than a #MeToo moment this month. You might decide to become vocal about your experience and in doing so, uncover that you're not the only one this happened to. You might even initiate a lawsuit after October 8 surrounding this issue. Stand your ground.

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