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Aries Horoscope: October 2018

Remembering your power and worth

There's a significant revival that's about to happen when it comes to finances and intimacy this month, Aries -- but first, you have to remember that you've always had the power to make these dreams a reality.

It all has to do with Venus. That little goddess of love, beauty, self-worth, and money will turn retrograde on October 5 and remains out of phase through November 16. For this month, she'll retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and your 8th House of Shared Resources. Don't get nervous. It doesn't mean that you're about to lose all financial assistance you get from sources besides your own income. No. In fact, if you remember that retrogrades are a time of repair and possible resurrection from the dead, then you will understand that this can be a magnificent gift to you ... if used wisely.

Let's talk about 8th house money first. This is money you get through royalties, commissions, bonus checks, dividends, inheritance, or any other type of passive income where you can literally make money in your sleep. Has there been an opportunity recently to go back to something you thought was dead and breathe new life into it? If so, this retrograde is one that you can absolutely make work for you.

Yes, you might experience a few hiccups along the way towards positioning yourself to complete financial freedom, but as long as you're willing to use all of your Venus in Scorpio Spidey-senses and go within, you're sure to come out on top.

Speaking of which ... Venus Retrograde in your 8th house will also touch upon your intimate life. You might literally go back to having the most mind-blowing sexual connection with someone from your past. It will be deep. In fact, if you have reunited with an ex-lover you felt a true bond with, the New Moon in your partnership sector on October 8 might literally be your opportunity to make this an actual relationship. Sure, Venus is retrograde, but if it has to do with someone from your past, it's merely reflecting that energy. If it's someone new, however, you might have to battle a few of your demons from the past that might be blocking you from enjoying the most fulfillment possible in your erotic life. You'll get there.

Going back to finances, there will be a Full Moon in your earned income sector on October 24. While it's possible that a source of income may end for some, sudden fulfillment in an earning capacity is more likely thanks to the stellar conjunction this lunation makes to surprise-a-minute Uranus and the trine she'll make to all-about-business Saturn, now at the top of your chart. Using your most innovative talents to make money is what you need to do now, Aries. You are such a boss!

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