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Cancer Horoscope: October 2018

Romantic resurrection

You know that old flame of yours who still has a hold on your heart? The one who touched you deeply and on a soul level, but also the person things went south, ending with your relationship crashing and burning? Well, there's a very real possibility that this person will make an appearance in your life again in some way this October.

Venus, the planet of love, will turn retrograde on the October 5 right in your romance sector. For some Cancerians this absolutely might point to reconciliation with an ex, or at least your careful consideration of reconciling. You might be offered a second chance with this person but be wary of it -- you have been deeply hurt in the past. In fact, this person might have betrayed you and completely broken your heart. Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, so whatever happened between you was not for the faint of heart. There might have been extremes of love and hate because of the passion you shared.

And so, if this person comes back around, it's possible you'll wonder what has changed. Can you make things right between you and turn the page together, or are you better off leaving things alone and not even trying to breathe new life into it? Only you can decide, and you might spend most of this month contemplating.

Another possibility is that someone from your past comes back just for closure. You might get a text, an email, or a phone call from this person that includes an apology. Take it. Remember, forgiveness is never for the other person, it is always for you. This is how you can move on to an even more powerful love connection with someone else in your future.

Besides romantic drama, there may also be a bright fresh start for you in home and family matters. A New Moon on October 8 will bring news, possibly from one of your children if you have any. You might also be thinking about moving or making changes to your living space. Hold off until after Venus turns direct on November 16. Anything you do connected to aesthetics while Venus is out of phase might be something you wind up regretting.

A turning point in your social life can be expected at the Full Moon on October 24. There might be unexpected news from a friend, but if this happens, it's likely to have a positive outcome.

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