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Cancer Love Horoscope for October 2018

Haunted heart

There is a real possibility for you to have a renewal of love with someone from your past. Venus will begin her retrograde motion on October 5 in your romance sector. As this cycle begins, you'll at the very least find yourself haunted by memories of a past lover. For many, this person will "come back from the dead" and reignite your heart with all those messy sparks.

There is something about this person and you together that is sexy, mysterious, and a little bit dangerous. It's like when you are together you have the power to be explosive. While this is a good thing between the sheets, this level of intensity often gives way to jealousy, possessiveness, or even manipulative behavior. You might have parted ways over one of you being too controlling over the other. Another possibility is that the relationship itself was toxic in some way. It might have been an extramarital affair or third-party situation. You might have been addicted to each other in an unhealthy way.

Whatever your particular relationship storyline might have been, even though it probably ended badly, you never quite let go. This person has always haunted your heart. And now, he or she is back. What will you do?

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