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Leo Love Horoscope for October 2018

Control in the bedroom

You and your sweetheart might have been playing house together over these last few months. Perhaps the two of you recently bought a place together or one of you moved into the other's apartment. As Venus begins her retrograde phase in your 4th House of Home & Family on October 5, it'll soon become clear that the honeymoon is over. The reality of living together and all its complications need to be addressed.

There might be control issues that crop up between you all of a sudden that you didn't realize were there at the onset of your happy cohabitation. What used to be cute behavior, like someone leaving toothpaste in the sink or drinking out of the milk carton, suddenly becomes abhorrent. In fact, you might find yourself in a battlefield right in your own home with each of you trying to dominate the other in order to make yourself feel more secure. This won't work.

What will also blow up in your face is trying to control bedroom dynamics because of the way your partner is not satisfying your other security needs. At the root of the matter is a call to finally let yourself be naked with the person you're living with: body and soul. Letting each other see you in your ugliest, darkest moments at home is an adjustment, but it needs to happen so that you can move on to the phase of truly being at home with each other.

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