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Libra Horoscope: October 2018

A self-worth reboot

Get ready, Libra, because your ruling planet is about to take a nap. Venus will station retrograde on October 5 and remains out of phase through November 16. What can you expect during this time? Well, for starters, it is possible that you'll have to address some "ugly duckling" feelings that unexpectedly creep up. A blow to your confidence is possible and if this happens, it can either be due to a relationship problem or a feeling that you're not being valued at work. The theme either way is not feeling the love and not feeling appreciated.

You might be tired of giving your all only to see that your all has been taken for granted. Or, it's possible that you will need time to reassess your talents and whether or not you're using them in the most productive and marketable way. The bottom line is that you deserve abundance and appreciation. With Venus Retrograde, however, you might feel a dull ache of lacking for a bit until you go within and take responsibility for what role you have in feeling this way. Are you allowing someone to treat you as less than? Remember, you teach people how to treat you, so if you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, then this retrograde phase will bring you to your knees so you're finally ready to make the necessary changes in order to reclaim your self-worth.

Fortunately, you'll have some help. A potent New Moon will fall in your sign on October 8, helping you initiate a fresh start in your life. This might connect to your physical appearance if you feel as if you need to do something different in order to go from feeling drab to reclaiming your model status. If so, don't forget that beauty is an inside job. Always.

Another possibility is that you're starting to see things differently in terms of your personal value with a domestic situation. If someone in your clan has been taking advantage of you, it's time to put a stop to it. You deserve better.

You'll also take a good look at your finances this month while Venus is retrograde in your 2nd House of Earned Income. Breathe new life into your money, Libra. A revision is needed, and it can lead to a positive shift once you let go of the belief that you're not worth unlimited abundance. You are. Period. End of story.

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