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Pisces Love Horoscope for October 2018

If it's not right, it's wrong

Oh, Pisces ... you are the most compassionate, kind, and forgiving sign in the zodiac. These beautiful qualities make you extremely lovable. Unfortunately, they can also make you somewhat gullible and likely to forgive and look the other way when you really shouldn't. There might be someone you're involved with who you gave a second chance to. The love you have was so strong, and if you needed to forgive this person for a moral indiscretion, you decided that he or she deserved that forgiveness.

However, the problem as you walk into October is that you thought you were moving on from this situation -- but there might be a repeat offense you find out about. This can be anything from cheating, lying, stealing, or an unhealthy addiction that your partner swore was under control. The relapse -- in whatever fashion it might be -- will make you realize that the problem did not go away -- it was just cleverly masked for a little while.

So now you're at a crossroads and need to make a decision. Will you allow this pattern to repeat all over again? Or will you stand tall in your integrity and choose personal love and self-worth over everything else?

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