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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for October 2018

Open your eyes

There was something about your love life scenario that you didn't want to face, Sagittarius. Sure, it's possible that you were innocently blind due to your naive and optimistic nature. Whatever the case, the blinders are about to come off this October. Where you were once blind, you will now see. It might hurt, but what is the alternative? Would you rather keep living a lie so that you can indulge in the fantasy world of fairytale romance you want so much? Or would you prefer to deal with the pain now and address it accordingly so that you can eventually get to a place in your current relationship (or with someone new) that is healthy and real?

Venus turns retrograde on October 5 in your 12th House of Privacy, so like it or not, the secrets are about to be highlighted. If you're participating in anything unsavory, it might blow up. If you're not doing anything wrong per se but are sitting in a sea of confusion about your love life, the universe is going to put enough pressure on you, forcing you through the confusion into clarity.

How can you reach clarity when everything seems so complicated? This is definitely a time to trust your intuition. If a love situation is not serving your highest good, then it's time to let go. If, however, you're in a difficult relationship with someone who is devoted to you but fighting some type of dark issue, then you might choose to stay. While it's not your job to be your partner's dragon slayer, it certainly is a testament to your commitment.

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