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Scorpio Horoscope: October 2018

Sleeping beauty

You might begin to feel as if you've stepped inside a dark fairytale, one where an unhappy ending prevails. It's as if some evil spirit has cast a spell on you and suddenly, when it comes to love, you have negative vibes everywhere. You also might not feel as confident, attractive, or able to magnetize others your way. In fact, you may wonder where your sexy has gone.

All of this is due to the fact that Venus will turn retrograde on October 5. This planet will be napping until November 16, and she'll do so in Scorpio until October 31. You are definitely having a karmic cycle in life, love, and the pursuit of your personal happiness this month.

If you're in a relationship that feels stuck or where you worry about trusting each other, it's possible that this month it will suddenly fall apart. A Full Moon lands in your partnership sector on October 24, closely linking to Uranus. A sudden revelation that is ultimately for your highest good might have to do with uncovering a betrayal that you've suspected for quite some time. It doesn't have to be insurmountable if both of you want to fight for the relationship, but that's not what typically happens during a Venus Retrograde. Instead, you are forced to deal with the karmic evolution of your relationship thus far. So, if you and your mate are in a dead marriage or partnership, it is possible that you'll both come to realize it's useless trying to revive a dead corpse.

Another possibility is that you'll feel rejected by your mate during this time, even if you don't break up. You might not feel as beautiful, appreciated, or valued. Hang in there -- and consider what YOU need to change in order to shift this vibe. Remember, putting another person in charge of your happiness and self-worth is always a recipe for disaster. Maybe that is what this retrograde ultimately wants to teach you. With Mercury in your sign from October 9 to October 31, you will have the capacity to express your thoughts about this. In fact, talking about what needs excavation in your life this month will steer you towards the solution you need to find the ultimate fulfillment ... even if that means letting go of something or someone you loved has to happen first.

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