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Taurus Love Horoscope for October 2018

Delicious scandal

Oh boy, Taurus! You're in quite a pickle this month. Your love life is certainly interesting, that is a given -- but it's also extremely complicated. There isn't anything simple about it these days. Between Venus turning retrograde in your partnership sector on October 5, a Full Moon in your sign on October 24, and all this being topped off with a Venus-Uranus opposition across your sign and your partnership sign Scorpio on October 31 ... well, it's a real soap opera!

On the one hand, you might be feeling very naughty this month, like you've been far too good for far too long and it's time to "tap into your sexy" and get your desires met. On the other hand, with your ruler turning retrograde, it's unlikely you'll succeed in getting things exactly the way you want. There's a definite complication or scandal in the works here, Taurus ... possibly both.

You might not be the one causing it, but you'll certainly be caught up in it. Moments of passion might leave your judgment clouded. An obsession you had for someone you thought you let go of might come back into your life, turning everything upside down. Just when you got into a healthy relationship, something -- or someone -- comes back into the picture to rock the boat.

The only way to get yourself out of this one successfully is to stand tall in your integrity. Forgive if you must, but do not seek revenge. If you're in a situation where feeding your desires will hurt another person, then you know it's wrong. Take the high road. The sweet taste of love isn't worth making someone else's heart bleed.

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