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Virgo Horoscope: October 2018

Rethinking love and money

Although you might think you've got a solid handle on your financial world and your love life, it seems as if the universe wants you to take a much more thorough look into these areas. On October 5, Venus will turn retrograde in your message sector, prompting you to re-evaluate your current thoughts and plans surrounding both your relationship and your finances. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a negative. In fact, you might enjoy this cycle because it'll help you pinpoint exactly what is wrong in these areas of your life so that you can fix it. That is the ultimate point of this retrograde -- to repair whatever needs resolution.

You might take a thorough look at a current plan you have concerning a major financial goal, such as home ownership or paying for a child's college tuition. Until November 16, you'll pick apart the details in order to ensure you've got a smooth path towards reaching this goal. Adding to the financial energy of this month is a gorgeous New Moon that will land in your earned income sector on October 8. You'll have an opportunity to make more money and the way to do this is by revisiting a way you used to make money in the past. There could be a revival happening.

In terms of your love life, it's possible you and your sweetheart will have a chance to have some healing conversations with each other about a topic that placed a wedge between you recently. It might be about something deep like a trust issue that has come up, or the two of you might be at odds about money. You'll work through it.

You might shift gears for a bit and experience a spiritual awakening by the end of the month. A Full Moon in your 9th House of Mind and Spiritual Expansion will happen on October 24. This lunation will help you set yourself free from outworn, limiting beliefs from your past that have kept you in a mental box. It will certainly be illuminating. Another possibility is that you'll finish up a course of study that leads to a certification or license. It might be on an unusual topic. Now, you'll be considered an expert on it.

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