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Virgo Love Horoscope for October 2018

Love lies

If you have been keeping a secret from your sweetie, or if you suspect he or she has been keeping one from you, things might get dicey this month. Venus turns retrograde in your communication sector on October 5. She'll retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, a sign known for the more possessive, controlling, and manipulative side of love when expressed in the shadow. When Venus in Scorpio is at her highest vibration, she's all about transformative, deep, and healing love. Unfortunately, since she's retrograde, you'll have to go through the dark side before you can get to her goodies.

There's suspicion in your relationship, and even if it's not warranted, it's there. You and your partner have no choice now but to dive deep into the choppy waters of honest, vulnerable conversations if you hope to come out of this phase stronger. Maybe the greatest lie has been the one you've been telling yourself. Maybe you've known for a while that something wasn't quite right in this romance, but you just didn't want to face it. Never fear, Venus retrograde is about to make you confront all of those love lies.

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