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September 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

Complicated connections

The complexities of relationships are key issues for much of the month with the analytical Virgo Sun in your 8th House of Deep Sharing until the Autumn Equinox on September 22. You may feel crowded in personal and professional partnerships that hem you in with rules and expectations, infringing on your precious freedom. You face hard work ahead to untangle knots of misunderstanding and create more harmonious relationships.

Don't despair if situations seem irresolvable; the Sun's entry into objective Libra on September 22 illuminates your 9th House of Higher Principles, broadening perspectives, enabling compromises, and showing you light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully, enticing Venus also enters generous Leo and your 7th House of Others on September 6, which should attract enthusiastic allies. Enjoying the attention and encouragement of your peers can be exhilarating, yet promises may exceed performance, so restrain your expectations until someone has truly earned your trust.

The precise Virgo New Moon in your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 15 plants seeds of partnership possibilities -- but if you want them to grow, you must be clear about your goals and willing to plan meticulously. The second explosive Uranus-Pluto square occurs on September 19 -- the first was on June 24 -- to help you give voice to your unexpressed desires. The thoughts and feelings exposed now raise complex questions that you might not resolve until the final Uranus-Pluto square on March 16, 2015.

The tectonic shifts promised by this pair might also initiate crises during the Full Moon in Aries on September 29, as you struggle to maintain your independence without shattering relationships. Striking Uranus's conjunction and stunning Pluto's square to the impulsive Aries Full Moon incite sharp words but can also thrill you with radical new ideas.

Keep in Mind this Month
Minor adjustments may save a relationship, even if you think that drastic changes are the only way to keep it from falling apart.

Key Dates for Aquarius

September 6-7: Let the Good Times Roll
An abundance of pleasure can be sweet on September 6, but watch out for a tendency to overpay, overindulge or expect too much given romantic Venus's entry into extravagant Leo and her aspect to excessive Jupiter. It's tempting to let fantasy overcome reason on September 7, with a boundless Sun-Jupiter square and a sketchy Venus-Neptune quincunx. If you must set reality aside to have some fun, remember not to lose touch with your common sense.

September 25-26: Conflict Resolution
Your reluctance to follow the rules may increase tension at work on September 25, when passionate Mars clashes with uncooperative Uranus and suspicious Pluto. You may try to enforce order in a chaotic situation if you're in a position of authority. Even lovely Venus adds fuel to the fire as she collides with Uranus on September 25th and Pluto on September 26. Relief comes through the wise and skillful communication offered by a harmonious trine between verbal Mercury and philosophical Jupiter on September 26, supplying cool reason to resolve a stressful situation.