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Aquarius September 2012 Career Horoscope

Think Before You Speak

If you're bored in your current job, you might reach the limits of your patience this month. That's because your inventive and independent modern ruling planet Uranus is stirred up with several aspects. The most powerful is the exact 90-degree square between provocative Pluto and rebellious Uranus on September 19. This is a slow-moving pattern that tends to make you even less comfortable with authority figures than usual. It's tempting to react strongly against any feelings of pressure from others, yet it's wiser to be smart and selective about when and where you let your feelings show.

Brainy Mercury forms stressful aspects with the explosive pair of outer planets on September 20, which can spur some intense conversations. Although blow-ups are possible, you can also use the intensity in the air to open your mind to exciting new ideas. Sure, it can be difficult to explain your thoughts to others because they are so unconventional. Don't put yourself under pressure to discuss an issue until you're calm, clear and ready. Uncensored speaking might get you into trouble.

Mistrust is another aspect of these patterns, although it's hard to tell whether your suspicions are realistic or not. That's another reason to take your time before blowing the whistle on anyone. The Sun glides into gracious Libra and your visionary 9th House on September 22 to broaden your perspective and raise your hopes. But first you've got to get through September 29, when tense solar aspects to Uranus and Pluto stir restlessness and provoke power struggles.