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September 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

Jump start your heart

This could be a breakthrough month in matters of the heart. The adventure starts with amorous Venus entering outgoing Leo and your 5th House of Romance on September 6. This is about taking emotional risks without taking yourself too seriously. You should be especially attractive and have little difficulty getting attention now. But instead of just putting on a show about yourself, make sure you're demonstrating the generosity that makes others feel important to you.

Sharing is definitely caring, especially with mental Mercury and the willful Sun moving into accommodating Libra and your 7th House of Partners on September 16 and September 22. These transits should improve communication and pull reasonable people into your orbit. Engaging in meaningful conversations is a desirable way to meet someone new or strengthen an ongoing partnership.

There are some surprises in store, however, which are likely to put some ripples in relationship waters. Mercury crosses paths with radical Uranus and potent Pluto on September 20, and the Sun will do the same on September 29. These can trigger power struggles, sudden changes of mood and spur feelings of restlessness.

It could feel like you're on a wild ride that can take you to heights of excitement and then plunge you into the depths of doubt. But if you stay flexible and are able to adapt to unexpected events and feelings, you can overcome longstanding barriers to personal fulfillment. Yes, it may be an unsettled time, but this could be the chaos that's needed to clear the air so you can get a fresh start in relationships.