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September 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Stick to the facts

You enjoy a growing momentum for success this month, by managing data and communicating in a clear and concise manner. September starts with the Sun shining in your 3rd House of Information and Education, which can increase curiosity, facilitate learning, and empower your words with practicality and precision.

On September 15, the practical Virgo New Moon also highlights your 3rd House of Information, where it's joined by cerebral Mercury. This alignment can cultivate your interest in taking a class to deepen your study of a useful subject. It isn't about exploring abstract ideas or collecting data; it's about developing skills that make you a more knowledgeable and confident speaker. This Sun-Moon conjunction also allows you adopt a realistic approach to a healthier and more positive lifestyle that will allow you to be at your ultimate best in whatever you do.

Profound Pluto turns direct on September 18, followed by its second of seven squares with shocking Uranus on September 19. Transits from Mercury, Mars, and Venus on September 20 and September 25-26 trigger profound changes, sudden shifts of thinking and unexpected events.

The Sun's entry into likable Libra and your 4th House of Roots on September 22 marks the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere -- and a possible tipping point in domestic matters. The impetuous Aries Full Moon in your 10th House of Career on September 29 propels you to take a fresh look at your responsibilities, both personal and professional, as you may be ready for a radical change of direction.

Keep in Mind this Month
If you can handle the minor details of your daily life more efficiently, you'll free up time, energy and mindshare for addressing bigger issues.

Key Dates for Cancer

September 25-26: Cool Under Fire
Proud Venus in Leo and intense Mars in Scorpio form chaotic aspects with surprising Uranus and complex Pluto on September 25-26, creating a climate of volatility and uncertainty. The stress of adapting to shifting circumstances or bossy people can tempt you once again to suddenly pick up and run away. Yet, if you're able to avoid any attacks and fine-tune your tactics, you will demonstrate great strength and resourcefulness. A super trine between factual Mercury and philosophical Jupiter on September 26 attracts guidance from a wise individual or your own intuition that can make sense out of even the most chaotic situation.

September 29: Better to Jump
You're ready for immediate change, given electrifying Uranus's conjunction to the Aries Full Moon in your 10th House of Status evoking a sense of urgency about your professional life. However, domineering Pluto's squares to the Sun, Moon and Uranus demand that you plan ahead and maintain your deep sense of purpose. If you have the drive and the determination, you can quickly blast yourself into a more exciting career.