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September 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Get real

Careful communication may not sound romantic, but it could put your relationship life on a sturdier foundation now. The Sun is in pragmatic and precise Virgo until September 22 and this Earth sign's ruling planet Mercury is there until September 16. This occurs in your chatty 3rd House, which is why sending clear signals is so important now. Sharp thinking and realistic words help to eliminate obstacles in a current alliance and demonstrate intelligence to get a new one off the ground.

This part of your chart is also associated with nearby places, increasing the likelihood of making a social connection without going too far from home. Knowing what's best for you and where to draw the line is especially useful on September 3, when amorous Venus in your sign is stressed by restrictive Saturn. This might not be an easy time, but it's one where you can clarify your needs, your desires and your worth.

The Virgo New Moon on September 15 can increase social contacts, thanks to its connection with expansive Jupiter in Gemini. However, your usually cautious nature may not be operating in a heady atmosphere when your tendency to say "yes" is likely to increase. Expressing yourself more openly and honestly is fine, as long as it's done with someone you can trust.

The impetuous Aries Full Moon on September 29 could stretch you too thin if you take on too many responsibilities. If you're planning to organize a social event, stay flexible so you can adapt to quickly changing conditions.