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Capricorn September 2012 Love Horoscope

Up Against a Wall

Looking for new sources of social stimulation makes sense for the first three weeks of the month. That's because the life-giving Sun is in your 9th House of Physical and Mental Travel. Broadening your mind and your field of activity can either connect you with someone new or help to spice up your present partnership. Combining travel with work or learning, for example, is a good way to tap into this energizing force.

Still, you may hit a wall in relationships on September 3, when amorous Venus runs into a stressful 90-degree square with your restrictive ruling planet, Saturn. This might not be a fun time, but it's one when you will be very clear about what works and what doesn't work in matters of the heart.

If you feel lonely or underappreciated, don't get down on yourself, as there are constructive steps you can take to increase your desirability. But it's not necessarily the kind of thing that can happen overnight. Patience and persistence are the keys to turning a deficit into an asset. When you're willing to face reality and work hard, there's almost nothing you can't do.

Learning to share graciously is a must when the Sun enters fair-minded Libra and your highly visible 10th House on September 22. Demonstrating your ability to compromise in a professional setting shows that you will be a reasonable and attractive partner in your private life. Expect some bumps in the road around September 29, as conditions, moods and attitudes can suddenly shift, making flexibility and maintaining your cool major assets then.