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September 2012 Gemini Horoscope

Storms of change

The second of two long-lasting squares this year between revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto is exact on September 19 -- although you'll feel its impact for much longer -- reactivating issues about your long-term goals that surfaced around June 24 when this potent pair first aligned. Even if you acknowledge that the direction of your life needs remapping, you might not yet realize the magnitude of the changes that are coming your way over the next few years.

Fortunately, compelling Pluto receives positive aspects from assertive Mars, communicator Mercury, and maverick Chiron on September 3-6, empowering you to make constructive decisions about family matters and work. Your choices may not be what others expect, but it's more important to maintain your integrity than it is to please everyone else.

The exacting Virgo New Moon on September 15 invites you to plant a seed of intention in your 4th House of Foundations. Don't force resolution to a domestic problem now, because insistent Mars quincunxes exaggerated Jupiter on September 16, tempting you to overextend yourself. Fortunately, the stress can feed your creativity, especially when Mercury enters aesthetic Libra and your 5th House of Self-Expression, also on September 16, and forms hard aspects with the Uranus-Pluto square on September 20.

The Autumn Equinox on September 22 is marked by the Sun's shift into Libra and your 5th House of Romance and Play, adding spontaneity to your artistry. Nevertheless, you may feel the tension ratchet up even more when the Aries Full Moon on September 29 conjuncts jumpy Uranus and squares obsessive Pluto.

Keep in Mind this Month
It's necessary to think on two levels now. Take care of the most pressing issues while also considering the impact your current actions will have on your future.

Key Dates for Gemini

September 7-8: Too Much of a Good Thing
The Sun squares gigantic Jupiter on September 7, infusing your life with joyful optimism, but also pulling you in two directions. Jupiter in multitasking Gemini tempts you to say yes to every opportunity, but the discriminating Virgo Sun affirms that you can't do it all. Rational Mercury also squares Jupiter on September 8, increasing the contrast between blind optimism and informed realism. Be wise and exercise self-control or you'll exhaust yourself before you reach your goal.

September 25-29: Rocky Road
You may be tempted to gamble with your stability in a risky scheme to regain more control of your life. On September 25-26, uncomfortable aspects from Mars and Venus to the lingering Uranus-Pluto square can reignite a disagreement you thought was resolved. The pressure to change dysfunctional relationship dynamics continues to mount through September 29, when the Libra Sun in your 5th House of Romance and the impulsive Aries Full Moon in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes both stress volcanic Uranus and Pluto.