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Gemini September 2012 Career Horoscope

Brilliant Breakthroughs

Curiosity is one of your gifts. It allows you talk to just about anyone about anything. Reigning in your wandering mind and chatty ways, though, could make a positive impact on your professional life this month. September starts out with your ruling planet Mercury in its other home sign, earthy Virgo. This is where the Sun will be until September 22, as well. These transits require more focus and concentration on details. If you are unsure of a fact, it's wiser to avoid comment until you check it out.

Mercury's opposition to spacey Neptune on September 1 can muddle minds and confuse messages, requiring more discriminating thought then. But even if you go off-course, you've got excellent prospects for finding your way back on September 4-5. The brainy messenger planet forms favorable alignments with potent Pluto and passionate Mars that help you eliminate distractions, deepen your thinking and communicate with precision and power. You can be very convincing as long as you've done your homework.

September 10 is almost the opposite, with a stressful square between Mercury and expansive Jupiter. Sure, this can fill your head with a million ideas and inspire you with enthusiasm. Yet a tendency to promise or expect too much is best countered by a bit of self-control.

September 20 is significant, as Mercury forms hard aspects with innovative Uranus and transformational Pluto. These tend to tighten your nervous system, make you more sensitive to criticism and expose you to suddenly changing conditions. Yet if you are flexible, brilliant breakthroughs and profound perceptions are likely.