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September 2012 Gemini Love Horoscope

Seduction zone

Being discriminating about what you say and what you do makes sense for the first half of September. That's because your chatty ruling planet Mercury is in discerning and modest Virgo until September 16. Expressing yourself with greater care and control may inhibit spontaneity, but it's better than blurting out something inappropriate and upsetting your current partner or turning off a potential new one.

The period from September 7-10 is when you're tempted to shoot from the hip, which is one way to expose your true feelings, but at the risk of saying something you regret. On September 16, though, Mercury glides into graceful Libra and your 5th House of Romance, where it will be joined by the heart-centered Sun on September 22. Your ability to present yourself in an attractive way increases then as your social skills become apparent. You'll know how to push without appearing pushy, and how to be playful without looking silly. You're likely to be in seduction mode, with charm oozing from every pore.

While this is terrific for making yourself desirable to others, it can also send out false signals. In your mind, you're simply being nice, but people may assume that you have romantic intentions when that's not the case. In fact, around September 20 something that you say can provoke an unexpected reaction. However, if there are important issues to be addressed, this is a time to bring them out into the open so you face the truth and can start making necessary changes.