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September 2012 Pisces Horoscope

Talk it out

Delving into the details of relationships can be a tedious process, yet it's essential work for you this month. While it's true that love and cooperation sometimes flow in the magic of silent understanding, words are the means to establishing deep connections now. This emphasis on communication began on August 31, when thoughtful Mercury entered your 7th House of Partners and discriminating Virgo, where every little syllable counts.

The risk is that you can become overly critical or subject to excessive criticism by others, even over trivial matters. The value is not in pointing out flaws, but in fixing them. When you and those who are supposed to be on your side think positively, you will find solutions, not just problems.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on September 10 is an important date for clear communication, as whatever's said has the power to make a permanent impression. On September 15, the New Moon in trustworthy Virgo clears the way for a fresh start in personal and professional unions. Knowing what you want, instead of accepting whatever's given, will help you build mutually beneficial alliances.

Your ability to discuss delicate matters goes even farther when Mercury enters negotiating Libra and your 8th House of Shared Resources on September 16. Although this transit might put you in the middle of some sticky situations, a cool head and sense of fair play should bring peace and cooperation.

Relationships are strengthened when the Sun enters harmonious Libra and your 8th House on September 22, marking the Autumn Equinox. On September 29, the incorrigible Aries Full Moon connects with unorthodox Uranus in your 2nd House of Income, shocking you with unexpected expenses or intriguing moneymaking ideas.

Keep in Mind this Month
You don't need brilliant partners to be successful, but you do require individuals ready to work hard to make the most of your relationships.

Key Dates for Pisces

September 5-8: Connect the Dots
A smart Mercury-Mars sextile on September 5 is excellent for figuring out how to untangle a misunderstanding or become more productive with a partner. But unnecessary pride and outrageous promises could set you up for disappointment at work on September 6, when Venus strides into theatrical Leo and makes an unbalanced semisquare with overly confident Jupiter. Grand gestures can attract attention, but expecting too much or offering more than you can deliver is risky. Facts rule on September 7, when analytical Mercury connects with realistic Saturn, even as a Sun-Jupiter square could have you dreaming about bigger and better days ahead. Pushing the intellectual envelope when Mercury squares promising Jupiter on September 8 can eventually assist your career if you do the research necessary to fill in the details of your impressive plans.

September 25-27: Start Making Sense
Don't take the bait and engage in battle or rush to meet someone's unrealistic expectations on September 25, when Mars hits the Uranus-Pluto square with stressful aspects to both complex planets. Vivacious Venus joins the fray with a surprising aspect to wild Uranus on September 25 and entangling engagements with secretive Pluto and rowdy Mars on September 26-27 that rattle relationship dynamics. Luckily, Mercury's trine to know-it-all Jupiter gives you the wisdom to manage the chaos.