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Pisces September 2012 Career Horoscope

Seek Support

Professional relationships are important this month, which begins with the Sun in your 7th House of Others and ends with the Sun in your 8th House of Shared Resources. Getting along with others without giving up too much in return is a familiar challenge for you. But with the Sun and savvy Mercury in analytical Virgo, you have the sharpness to be a much more skillful negotiator. It's essential to stay on point instead of letting conversations wander off course. Stick to business when you're at work instead of mixing up personal and professional matters.

The September 15 New Moon in Virgo can spur you to make a fresh start within a working partnership or in pursuit of a different job. Seek the support of competent friends and professionals who can help you prepare for challenging meetings. Rehearsing for these will vastly increase your chances for success, so don't show up without careful preparation.

Aligning yourself with a more experienced person is a great way to learn. But if you've been in your field for a long time, it's your turn to mentor someone else. The solar shift into Libra on September 22 energizes your 8th House of Shared Resources, where you can deepen alliances. Just don't make assumptions about what others think, and instead have honest, face-to-face conversations to be sure you're both on the same page.