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September 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Break free from the past

Your considerable physical and emotional intensity should remain strong this month, as your traditional ruling planet Mars continues to occupy Scorpio until early October. This provides the punch you need to clean up relationship messes, eliminate unhealthy habits and focus on your most important personal goals.

You won't have to push others hard to make an impression, especially around September 3, when Mars aligns favorably with Scorpio's potent modern ruling planet Pluto. This provides a surgical strike force that concentrates your energy where it will be most productive. If seduction is on your mind then, you are likely to be very hard to resist.

Verbal Mercury's positive connection with Pluto the following day deepens your perceptions and opens the way to intimate conversations. Later this month, though, is not ideal for keeping secrets, especially when shocking Uranus forming a stressful square with covert Pluto on September 19. Mercury's connection to this powerful pair on September 20 could provoke an explosive discussion, yet it can also open your eyes to a radically different way of seeing partnerships.

Take your time to let any new ideas settle, because you may be tempted to act impulsively then. If you are going to make any bold moves, the end of the month is best. Solar aspects to Uranus and Pluto on September 29 can rock your world with surprises and power struggles, but offers you a chance to break free of the past and restore passion to a current union or get a new one started.