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September 2012 Taurus Horoscope

It's showtime

It's time to step up and express yourself more openly now. The Sun may be in shy Virgo, but it's shining in your showy 5th House of Love and Creativity until September 22. This is your chance to enter the spotlight and profess your heart's desires or demonstrate your skills as a performer. If you don't think you're ready to reveal yourself in this way, start practicing to develop the confidence needed to put on a good show.

Venus, your seductive ruling planet, dances into charismatic Leo on September 6 to encourage even more dramatic behavior. This transit happens in your domestic 4th House, which may produce passionate melodramas on the home front or just motivate you to lavishly redecorate.

The Virgo New Moon on September 15 spurs you to discover new ways to play and to refine your presentation skills. Be gentle and generous with yourself; self-criticism could undermine your efforts.

The deep rumbling you're sensing is a reawakening of transformational Pluto, which turns direct on September 18 and makes its second of seven squares with revolutionary Uranus on September 19. One little surprise could make you think the world is falling apart, but it isn't.

The Autumn Equinox, marked by the Sun's entry into harmonious Libra on September 22, is a turning point that helps you regain your balance and meet challenges in a more positive way.

Keep in Mind this Month
Acting more boldly in pursuit of your interests not only attracts attention, but it also keeps you from worrying too much about the little things.

Key Dates for Taurus

September 20-21: Shock and Awe
Mental Mercury's opposition to weird Uranus and square to manipulative Pluto on September 20 can stir up strange ideas and disturbing conversations. Fortunately, good humor and generous feelings from a gregarious Venus-Jupiter sextile should keep tension from getting out of hand. But even if stress at work is shaking your trust, a socially adept quintile between Venus and unflappable Saturn should restore order on September 21.

September 25-29: The Heat Is On
Relationships get rocky when Venus and Mars make hard aspects with Uranus and Pluto on September 25-26. Important issues you haven't faced could explode in an unexpected moment of anger or, preferably, in a sudden urge for frankness. This could be a great opportunity to initiate an honest dialogue. But beware overreaction, because your volatile emotions can leave you excited at an unexpected attraction, or cause a blowup with a colleague, lover, or friend. Venus in prideful Leo squares Mars in Scorpio on September 27, which intensifies almost every interaction. The impudent Aries Full Moon September 29 activates your 12th House of Destiny, conjuncting Uranus and opposing Pluto to further agitate your emotions. Thankfully, courage and kindness can transform conflict into a more desirable form of passion.