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September 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Keep your wits about you

Self-restraint is sexy for the first three weeks of the month, with the discreet Virgo Sun heating up your 5th House of Romance. You may be feeling especially passionate as of September 6, when your alluring ruling planet Venus rolls into bold Leo, but balancing your desire to adore and be adored with some control makes you even more desirable.

It's understandable, though, if you worry about relationships when Venus runs into a stressful square with restricting Saturn on September 3, which is all the more reason to be tempted to go overboard when the love planet arrives in dramatic Leo-land three days later. Still, when you feel like you are the most desirable person in the world, playing it cool makes you even more appealing.

The contrasts between your wish to have it all with Venus in Leo and the necessity to reign yourself in a little may confuse you or potential partners at this time. But imagine that you're going for the biggest prize possible and that you need your wits about you to get it.

This mental clarity and cleverness about relationships is underscored with the analytical Virgo New Moon on September 15. Its presence in your hot and playful 5th House of Romance is like say "yes, yes, yes" with your eyes, while being very careful about what you say. You can probably let off on the emotional brakes when sweet Venus aligns favorably with risk taking Jupiter on September 20 and squares passionate Mars on September 27.