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September 2012 Virgo Horoscope

Organized chaos

You have a strong sense of purpose and a cohesive plan to reach your goals as the month begins. The willful Sun in your sign until September 22 empowers you to act more boldly and creatively, while meticulous Mercury in Virgo focuses your mind to fill in the details and refine systems that support your ambitions. This intense concentration can narrow your thinking and blur your perception of the big picture. When surprises happen -- and they will -- it's important to look up from your little piece of the puzzle to adapt to the bigger changes in the world around you.

The Virgo New Moon on September 15 is joined with Mercury in your 1st House of Physicality, reminding you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. But this lunation also can spur you to take the initiative in relationships and to launch new projects. However, it's essential to be open to alternative points of view once Mercury moves into diplomatic Libra and your 6th House of Work on the 16th. Making compromises to meet others halfway during this period is more useful than rigidly adhering to your own ideas.

The second of seven life-altering Uranus-Pluto squares occurs on September 19. The shocks represented by this long-term pattern, occurring intermittently until March 16, 2015, are triggered on September 20-29 by fast-moving planets that make you acutely aware of what's holding you back. Difficult aspects from Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun can spark sudden shifts in your mood and surprising changes in the current circumstances. Relationships are on shaky ground on September 29, when the reckless Aries Full Moon squares ruthless Pluto and joins unpredictable Uranus in your 8th House of Intimacy.

Keep in Mind this Month
Being mentally flexible enables you to adjust your thinking, shift your priorities, and adapt your methods to handle unanticipated events effectively.

Key Dates for Virgo

September 7-10: Just the Facts
You might raise expectations beyond reason or take on more than you can handle when the Virgo Sun squares boundless Jupiter on September 7. This uncharacteristic behavior continues on September 8, when a Mercury-Jupiter square invites exaggeration and can overload you with information. Stretching your thinking is helpful, as long as you are grounded with a good dose of common sense. Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on September 10 is an excellent time to weed out useless data, gather your thoughts, and communicate with persuasive precision.

September 20-22: Give Peace a Chance
Conversations grow convoluted and strange ideas can erupt on September 20, when messenger Mercury seeks harmony in pleasure-seeking Libra during its opposition to eccentric Uranus and square to dark Pluto. You struggle to trust others in an environment made edgy by secrecy and restlessness. Words can explode with emotion that reveals uncomfortable truths or unexpressed desires. Luckily, a sweet sextile between loving Venus and generous Jupiter softens stress with humor, playfulness or a forgiving spirit. The Sun's entry in amicable Libra and your 6th House of Daily Routines marks the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, as you consciously choose to be more sociable and improve relationships at work.