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September 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Express your passion

The month begins with the life-giving Sun in your sign, which should boost your confidence and provide you with more energy. Taking the initiative in relationships is called for with this self-assured transit. Your mind should be sharp once your clever ruling planet Mercury passes its opposition with fuzzy Neptune on September 1. Getting your message across will be easier with Merc's favorable alignments with potent Pluto on September 4 and aggressive Mars on September 5.

There is some risk of promising too much or believing someone else's ungrounded statements on September 8, when the little messenger planet is stressed by impractical Jupiter in Gemini. But if you do wander off course, there's a corrective aspect on September 10, when Mercury joins the Sun. This is a great transit for expressing yourself with passion and purpose. Your ability to convince others grows with this connection of the planets of head and heart.

You're ready for a fresh start with the Virgo New Moon on September 15. It's fine to be a bit impulsive or to try new experiences because this event is ideal for exploring unfamiliar territory or trying out different looks and behavior.

Conversations can get weird on September 20, when Mercury runs into hard aspects with punishing Pluto and erratic Uranus. Nerves could be on edge and restlessness rules. But if you can adapt to surprises and face deep and complicated issues, this can be a powerful opportunity to clear the air about past problems and make way for a more fulfilling future.